The Opera development team is currently in the process of making Opera 10 final available to its worldwide audience. The final version of Opera 10 is already available on the Opera ftp site from where it can be downloaded by user’s. User’s who prefer to wait for an official announcement can expect that to happen later this day.

The Opera web browser is the first major web browser to hit a two-digit version (even before Google Chrome, who would have thought that..) and it is well deserved as it was source for a series of web browsing enhancements and improvements that were copied by other Internet browsers throughout its existence.

Opera 10 final is apparently the same build (except for a few minor changes to standard files and a few new folders) as the Opera 10 Release Candidate 2 that was released last week. It is still recommended to upgrade to the final version of Opera 10. Downloads are available.

The Windows version of Opera 10 is currently the only one that is being offered in additional languages next to English. The Linux and Mac version are currently only available in English.