Cheapest foldable PDA

Do you want to get organize like everybody else, but cannot afford a pda? Eventhough most of you have a smartphone, or even iphone, clicking on those thing during a meeting or lectures will surely get some sharp eye from the speaker. Well... you must use this clever PocketMod!. This is old... way too old... was created in 2005; but I find it very useful since it only need a sheet of paper and foldable into 8 pages of paper organizer and keep it your wallet. Now, I wish my iPhone or HTC HD2 could be fold like that!.

All you have to do just head up to this website and start creating your own.

Now, I know what you're thinking. That's right, there's also an offline version to use at your convenience. Since the original author, Adam Chad, have not updated the project, Sergei Mozhaisky has made a mod of pocketmod (pun intended) and offer more options. Please look at the reworked pocketmod, and download the offline version there.