Compact Calendar 2010

* update: I have updated Compact Calendar for 2011.

While browsing around, I found this cool designer that create a compact calendar for 2010.I adjusted and replaced it with Malaysian Holidays.

Everything below is quoted from the author website :)

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About Compact Calendar

The Compact Calendar is a printable calendar based on an Excel spreadsheet, designed to be easy to use in impromptu planning by yourself or with a group of people.
Here's an example of the calendar in use...
click the photo to zoom in!

In general, I use printouts as a thinking calendar, doodling in estimated times and circling dates, dependencies, and deliverables. You can see how I use lines to connect with the notes on the right side of the paper.

At client meetings I can use the calendar to note other dependencies, deliverables, and ask about company meetings and other potential conflicts like vacations. It's a lot easier to pass the sheet around than a laptop; people can contemplate paper more easily.

After I get things worked out, I will sometimes make a "clean" version of the schedule using a new sheet and give it to the client to photocopy.

When I'm managing other people in person, sometimes I'll use the Compact Calendar to quickly note their deliverables and the dates on this sheet. I'll also sometimes point out dependencies, and then they have this sheet they can just stick up on the wall and follow. I find that people just need to know when something is due so they can tackle the work; if they have to read a detailed spec or the proposal to find this critical information just slows things down. Specifics of course matter, but that's a post for another day.
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Download your own copy and be productive!
I have prepared 2 versions: Excel 2007 and Excel 2003.

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Thanks heaps for this.
anytime... it just happened that I found it..
thanks for making a malaysian version. i use this since 2008
you're welcome amber.
Thanks so much for sharing! much appreciated ;)
EVo, it's nothing bro.. btw, nice blog you have... and nice picture too, especially the salsa.
hi. thanks for adding the school holidays! really appreciate that.
btw i also like the traditional kalendar kuda - the one with the horse race schedule if you know what i mean. where can i get ah?
adlan, i wish i have that... I havent got one this year... so difficult to see the puasa and hariraya :)
One of the best applications I ever come accross... TQ Oboitoke :)
thanks for, 31-Aug-10, Tue - National Day
Awesome thanks! Here's oping you'll design one for 2011 too :)
Faz_kerk... thanks for downloading
thanx a lot brother, this calender really inpired me to plan my yearly schedules. But i have some difficulty in terms of customizing the school holidays and special day (eg birthday). cacn you show step by step of making this calendar? puhleezz.. :)
Afiq, thanks.
Make sure you download the 2011 version.
For cuti sekolah, actually i just highlight it manually, that is why there are two tab (calendar and calendar+cutisekolah).
For birthday, simply insert the date on the tab: Tables (MM/DD/YYYY). The date will automatically bold and colored light blue.