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Make your Recovery disks and save a System image as a secondary backup. Back up your files, unplug all other HD's and peripherals,

Boot into BIOS setup, if this is a new Win8 PC look for a setting to disable Secure Boot. Then enable Legacy BIOS or Compatibility Support Module (CSM). This should remove any EFI Boot Disk from BIOS Boot order. Set DVD drive first to boot, HDD second. Then set SATA controller to AHCI. Save changes and Exit.

Then boot into installer DVD or flash stick burned or written using tool and latest ISO for your licensed OS version.

At first installer screen Press Shift + F10 to open a Command Box, type:

SEL DIS 0 (after confirming Windows 7 target HD #)
CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY SIZE=102400 (for 100gb partition, adjust as desired)

Next click Install Now to Clean Install Windows 7 to the partition you created. If it fails then report back at which step and the verbatim error message.

In addition read over these steps to understand the tools and methods which work best to get and maintain a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. The steps are the same for retail.

The purpose of creating the partition above is to wipe the HD and define an Active partition which resolves most install failures. Afterwards you can adjust the OS partition size in Disk Mgmt, create other partitions as desired.

re-port from here
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/638710 2014-01-07T00:43:50Z 2014-01-07T00:43:51Z 7 easy steps to reset root password on CentOS/Red Hat

So you want to became a hacker a reset someone centos root password??

No, this is not for you..it's rather for windows user who happens to administer centos server and forgot his root password. Only 7 simple steps needed...

1. Boot the system and when you see the following message "Press any key to enter the menu", press any key. (You will see the list of available kernel versions.)

2. Press e in order to edit commands before booting.

3. Highlight the list item with vmlinuz in it by using the arrow keys and press e.

4. Now type single OR init 1 at the end of the line.

5. Then press enter and b to boot the system with the new argument. (The system will boot into single user mode and you will see bash prompt)

Now it's time to change the password:
6. Type passwd

### Shell Commands ###
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully
7. Type reboot to restart the system.

There you have it...

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/639555 2014-01-01T04:00:00Z 2018-01-15T13:11:54Z Compact Calendar 2014

While scouring the interwebs, i stumble upon a calendar so simple that's called Compact Calendar by David Seah. I have made Malaysian version for several years and now, here it is for 2014.

Feel free to download and use Compact Calendar Malaysia version and play with it. ;)

According to David:
For those of you new to the Compact Calendar, it’s a single-page calendar that you print out and use for planning. The days of the year are presented as a solid block of days, so it’s easy to count-off weeks when you are figuring out scheduling. There’s plenty of space on the right-hand side too, so you can keep notes. I first made this calendar back in the 90s so I could block-out projects during meetings, but since then I’ve heard that people use it for family vacation planning and even biological purposes (counting weeks of gestation, for example).
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/619249 2013-11-14T03:44:50Z 2013-11-14T04:40:17Z Hide Recovery Partition in Windows 7

Got shiny new HP PC from HQ.

Problem is, it has a recovery partition that has a big warning not to touch from HP when opened. I have to hide this so I don't damage it by accident; also it`s an eyesore.

After googling around... I got this:

Click Start, type diskmgmt.msc, press Enter and wait for Disk Management to load. When it does, right-click directly on the recovery partition so it becomes the selected one, then select "Change Drive Letter and Paths..."

On the next dialogue box that appears, click Remove. You'll get a warning box like this:

Click Yes, and from that moment on (you should close any open Explorer windows and re-open them) neither Windows (aka Explorer) nor applications will be able to "see" the recovery partition - you've effectively hidden it from pretty much anything except Disk Management itself.

This keeps the recovery/restore partition intact, "protects" it since nothing can access it (the OS and apps require a drive letter being assigned to access partitions), and you're good to go.

Just as a sidenote: while deleting the partition can recover some extra space on a drive, the issue that most people have nowadays is they put too much on hard drives. One should never ever fill a hard drive more than 85% full, regardless of OS or file system. I can't even begin to tell you how many machines come to me for repairs/tuneups/optimization/reinstalls and they're 90, sometimes 95% full and the performance of the entire machine suffers drastically for it.

If you're so pressed for space you have to actually delete the recovery/restore partition, it's simple: you've got too much stuff on the drive already and should either back material up to another location (and delete it off the drive to recover space), or get another hard drive and move stuff over. But keep that ~85% full figure in your head and do your best not to ever go past that point.

Windows (and all modern OSes) work best when the OS "has room to breathe" aka free space. When you severely reduce the amount of available free space on a system, you're essentially choking it and performance will suffer because the OS can't find storage space when it needs it.

If you do decide to delete the recovery/restore partition, ensure - and I mean triple-check if necessary - that you've created those backup/recovery/restore DVDs before removing the partition.

Hope this helps...

The solution is from here.

edit: and while at it... I found users keep repeating to do some backup with free tool Macrium, and whs from sevenforums.com create nice tutorial.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535247 2013-02-05T08:43:56Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Install and Configure MySQL on CentOS

This tutorial covers installing MySQL server and client, as well as some basic configuration to get you up and running.

Install MySQL

Install MySQL service and command line tools.

1 $ yum install mysql mysql-server

Once thats done turn on the MySQL service so that it automatically starts on boot.

1 $ chkconfig --level 2345 mysqld on

Finally start the MySQL service.

1 $ /etc/init.d/mysqld start

Open up MySQL Ports

We are going to open up ports 3306 in iptables.

1 $ vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Add the following lines (make sure its above the reject statement).

1 -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 3306 -j ACCEPT
2 -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

Restart iptables service for changes to take effect.

1 $ /etc/init.d/iptables restart

MySQL Client

That completes the steps to install mysql, from there you can login in through the client to setup whatever you need to.

1 $ mysql -u root
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535249 2013-01-25T01:01:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Solved: Cannot scp to CentOS box

Now, I have a centos box that recently been setup. This would be my dev server. The first thing that i would want to do is to use WinSCP to transfer files to and fro. However, here is something...

I cannot scp to CentOS...the error says "Network Error: Connection refused". Naturally i've googled for the solution and WinSCP page have it all. But it does not solve my problem. I've:

  • setup the firewall (even disable the firewall to check for connection)
  • ensure the sshd is running
  • and few other solutions found online.

That box is in server room and i'm too lazy to walk there just to puch in some commands. So, I just ssh using putty to the box. What!!, wait... I actually *can* ssh to the box....I see the light at the end of the tunnel...woot...

To cut the story short.... if you CAN ssh but CANNOT scp/sftp... do the following:

1.  check the promission of /dev/null. If the permission as follows:

[root@localhost ~]# cd /dev
[root@localhost dev]# ls -all null
crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 3 Jan 23 17:49 null

2. change the permission to crw-------

[root@localhost dev]# chmod 600 null
[root@localhost dev]# ls -all null
crw------- 1 root root 1, 3 Jan 23 17:49 null

That should do the trick.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535251 2012-12-14T12:01:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Windows 8: Mana perginya Start-up folder?

Aku selalu guna “Startup” folder di Start Menu launch application lepas logon windows. Tapi masalahnya, dalam Start menu Windows 8 ni, folder Startup ni dah tak ada.Jadi terpaksa la selongkar.

Folder yg simpan Startup item ada dua:

  • C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

Cumanya, setiap kali nak akses, jauh sangat nak masuk ke folder ni.

Solution paling mudah ialah guna arahan Shell yang dilarikan(run) dari command prompt (WIN+R):

  • shell:startup
  • shell:common startup

There you have it!.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535253 2012-01-01T15:53:00Z 2018-01-15T11:23:15Z Compact Calendar 2012

This is another new version of compact calendar. An excellent calendar, so compact, originally created by David Seah. I have made version 2010, 2011 and now, here it is version 2012.

Feel free to download and use Compact Calendar Malaysia version. Posterous doesn't accept .zip files anymore, bear with it. I think downloaded version is nicer compared to converted version displayed here.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535256 2011-12-31T16:01:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Happy New Year


Selamat Tahun Baru



tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535260 2011-09-29T09:33:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Changing XAMPP default error404

1. Edit the following document as root

sudo pico /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-multilang-errordoc.conf

at the end of the file, change the lines as shown i.e. put # to the begginning and add new lines.

ErrorDocument 400 /error/HTTP_BAD_REQUEST.html.var
ErrorDocument 401 /error/HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED.html.var
#ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_FORBIDDEN.html.var
#ErrorDocument 404 /error/HTTP_NOT_FOUND.html.var
ErrorDocument 404 /error403.html
ErrorDocument 404 /error404.html
ErrorDocument 405 /error/HTTP_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED.html.var
ErrorDocument 408 /error/HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT.html.var

Save and exit (Ctrl+O, CTRL+X)

2.  Prepare custom error files named error403.html and error403.html. These files should be kept in root of your webserver (ie: opt/lampp/htdocs) directory

3.  Just restart XAMPP by below code.

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart

4. With the  XAMPP's new security setting of preventing access to XAMPP and phpmyadmin directories rather than the permitted IP addresses, it will throw the error 403 page. To change this setting, edit the following:

sudo pico /opt/lammp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf


change the line below:

ErrorDocument 403 /error/XAMPP_FORBIDDEN.html.var


ErrorDocument 403 /error404.html

It is not a mistake. Intentionally I recommend you to direct unauthorized visitors requesting to access xampp and phpmyadmin directories to the "page not found" (404) error page. This will be slightly more secure since the attacker may think that there is no xampp or phpmyadmin directory in the server. (that is also the reason of having error404.html not .php file, though you have to enable seo if you use joomla so that it is not too obvious by looking at the address)

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535262 2011-09-26T16:59:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Stuck with your term paper, again?

Well.. well... well... It is hard to believe that in such a modern world like today, where internet seems to be ubiquitous, you still stuck with your term paper. While your friends are celebrating outside, you still 'asking help' from Uncle Google. It is true that information these day is at one's fingertip. But lecturers, too, have their own tricks at their fingertips, and palm!..

Simply taking anything your Uncle Google give you will not make you smart, in fact, it could trouble you. Writing a term paper can be a nightmare if you didn't do your research well. You have to read, read, and read... and read some more.(not to mention your last minute action doesn't help either)

Now, you have read, you have a great idea, but simply you cannot put it in a proper word! Here comes trouble. You wish you could get somebody or something that can offer a term paper help. Luckily you found my posting and you should know there's something useful in this posting.

WHAT!!!... You didn't have a clue what I am talking about. Where are you since last year? Under the rock?! Did you know that there is a really good service that offer custom research paper for you? I don't know why you still read this post. Give a little excercise to your hand and click all the links in this paragraph. And I mean NOW!

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tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535266 2011-09-21T01:37:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Installing XAMPP in Linux

What is XAMPP ?

XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. LAMPP (XAMPP for Linux) is very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start.

Download XAMPP

http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/files/XAMPP Linux/

Installing XAMPP in Linux

Download XAMPP Latest version from the following link
http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/files/XAMPP Linux

Currently latest XAMPP version is 1.7.7 (Sept 21)

$wget http://cdnetworks-kr-1.dl.sourceforge.net/project/xampp/BETAS/xampp-linux-1.7...

Now you should be having xampp-linux-1.7.7.tar.gz in your downloaded location

Go to a Linux shell and login as root:
Perform these commands as root user

$ su -p
Extract the downloaded archive file to /opt

#tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.7.tar.gz -C /opt

XAMPP is now installed below the /opt/lampp directory.

Start XAMPP Server

To start XAMPP simply call this command:

#/opt/lampp/lampp start

Starting XAMPP for 1.7.3a…
XAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL (and PHP5)…
XAMPP: Starting MySQL…
XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD…
XAMPP for Linux started.

Test Your XAMPP Installation

OK, that was easy but how can you check that everything really works? Just type in the following URL at your favourite web browser:


XAMPP Security Configuration

As mentioned before, XAMPP is not meant for production use but only for developers in a development environment. The way XAMPP is configured is to be open as possible and allowing the developer anything he/she wants. For development environments this is great but in a production environment it could be fatal.

Here a list of missing security in XAMPP:

The MySQL administrator (root) has no password.
The MySQL daemon is accessible via network.
ProFTPD uses the password “lampp” for user “nobody”.
PhpMyAdmin is accessible via network.
Examples are accessible via network.
MySQL and Apache running under the same user (nobody).
To fix most of the security weaknesses simply call the following command:

#/opt/lampp/lampp security

It starts a small security check and makes your XAMPP installation more secure.
Start And Stop Server Services

Starts XAMPP.

Stops XAMPP.

Stops and starts XAMPP.

Starts only the Apache.

Starts the Apache SSL support. This command activates the SSL support permanently, e.g. if you restarts XAMPP in the future SSL will stay activated.

Starts only the MySQL database.

Starts the ProFTPD server. Via FTP you can upload files for your web server (user “nobody”, password “lampp”). This command activates the ProFTPD permanently, e.g. if you restarts XAMPP in the future FTP will stay activated.

Stops the Apache.

Stops the Apache SSL support. This command deactivates the SSL support permanently, e.g. if you restarts XAMPP in the future SSL will stay deactivated.

Stops the MySQL database.

Stops the ProFTPD server. This command deactivates the ProFTPD permanently, e.g. if you restarts XAMPP in the future FTP will stay deactivated.

Starts a small security check programm.

For example: To start Apache with SSL support simply type in the following command (as root):

#/opt/lampp/lampp startssl

You can also access your Apache server via SSL under https://localhost.

Important Configuration Files And Directories

/opt/lampp/bin/ – The XAMPP commands home. /opt/lampp/bin/mysql calls for example the MySQL monitor.
/opt/lampp/htdocs/ – The Apache DocumentRoot directory.
/opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf – The Apache configuration file.
/opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf – The MySQL configuration file.
/opt/lampp/etc/php.ini – The PHP configuration file.
/opt/lampp/etc/proftpd.conf – The ProFTPD configuration file. (since 0.9.5)
/opt/lampp/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php – The phpMyAdmin configuration file.

Stopping XAMPP

To stop XAMPP simply call this command:

#/opt/lampp/lampp stop

You should now see:

Stopping XAMPP 1.7.3a…
XAMPP: Stopping Apache…
XAMPP: Stopping MySQL…
XAMPP: Stopping ProFTPD…
XAMPP stopped.

And XAMPP for Linux is stopped.

Starting LAMPP automatically on startup

For starting LAMPP automatically on startup, add the following line to you /etc/rc.local file

# /opt/lampp/lampp start

where /opt/lampp is the location where XAMPP files are kept. You will have to substitute the path to your XAMPP in the above command.

Uninstall XAMPP From your Machine

To uninstall XAMPP just type in this command

#rm -rf /opt/lampp

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535267 2011-07-20T04:29:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Lindungi direktori administrator joomla anda!!

Baru nak belajar guna Joomla!.. agak terlambat. Tapi masih belum terlambat jika ada keinginan untuk belajar.

Dah siap buat website guna Joomla!, upload ke public, nak kena la perhatikan aspek keselamatannya pulak. Joomla! ni sangat popular dan menjadi target mudah para penggodam. Sekali tengok url kat browser tu, dah boleh tahu guna joomla. Lepas tu masukkan apa-apa je kat url tu,


keluar error404... dan serba sedikit maklumat pasal server. Ini dah cukup untuk penggodam kecikkan skop target diorang. Kena buat customised error404 page. (aku belum buat lagi huhu... sebab tu tak boleh tulis lagi pasal tu)

Satu lagi, diaorang akan selalu cuba akses ke laman administrator. www.contohsite.com/administrator/ dan brute-force dari situ. Jadi, bila kita lindungi direktori ini sekurang-kurangnya dah menambah sedikit kerja diorang. Kita tak boleh simply rename je folder administrator ni kerana banyak component dan plug-in yang merujuk ke folder /administrator ni.


haa... caranya ialah dengan membuat satu direktori baru, contohnya pentadbir, dan akses ke administrator melalui direktori ini.

1. Buat satu folder baru dalam direktori root, contohnya pentadbir.

2. Dalam folder pentadbir, cipta satu fail index.php dengan jampi-jampi berikut:

header("Location: ../administrator/index.php");

3. Tambah fail .htaccess dalam direktori administrtor asal dengan ayat-ayat berikut:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/administrator
RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !JoomlaAdminSession=1234567890
RewriteRule .* - [L,F]

4. tambahkan ayat-ayat berikut di awal index.php dalam folder administrator

if ($_COOKIE('JoomlaAdminSession') !="1234567890")

Sekarang ni, setiap kali kita nak akses ke administrator kena lalu pentadbir dulu, contohnya www.contohsite.com/pentadbir/, kemudian kita akan diredirect ke direktori sebenar. Jika akses terus ke www.contohsite.com/administrator/ akan dipulangkan ke laman utama. Jika tak buat langkah 4, akan keluar error404.

pesanan: jangan lupa tukar cookie_code 1234567890 dan pentadbir kepada pilihan sendiri, kerana contoh ni dah bayar pengerasnya... dah tak boleh pakai.

so apa lagi, cuba jangan tak cuba...

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535269 2011-04-02T05:06:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z back to Malaysia... well... After 3 years spent in Japan, which is a very lovely country in every aspect, it is time to go back home. It is sad to leave at the time like this, March 11 is unforgettable. We miss Japan very much and wish Japan a steady recovery from the tsunami/earthquake.]]> oboitoke tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535271 2011-03-30T01:22:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Visited

The map shows the places that have been visited while we were here in Japan for the past 3 years. Initially we plan to go to Kyushu this month, since the earthquake, it has been cancelled. But we manage to go to Hiroshima and spent a few days at Ridzuan's house. We also visited Shikoku Island and went back to Tokyo through Osaka.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535273 2011-03-11T22:53:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Japan Earthquake

posted quite late, but post dated back to March 11 to mark the date.

This is the screenshot of the JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) page showing the magnitude of the earthquake.

Mac 11, 2011. 2.45PM: Masa tu tengah rehat lepas makan tengahari kat rumah jiran. Tengah sembang pasal rumah kami yang semak sebab berkemas nak balik. Dah rupa macam lepas jishin. Tak lama je lepas tu, rumah mula bergegar. Mula-mula cuba tenangkan jiran (sebab diorang baru datang dan tak pernah rasa gempa)... tapi makin lama makin kuat pulak.

Tingkap dan sliding door bergegar lebih kuat. lampu yang tergantung tu bergoyang dengan gilanya, dah tak macam biasa... kami terus je keluar. Biasanya bila ada gempabumi dalam 3,4 ikut skala jma, orang-orang Jepun sekeliling rumah tenang je; tapi kali ni mereka pun turut keluar.

"wah, ini sudah serious"... tanah bergoncang. boleh rasa melambung badan bila kita berdiri atas tanah. kabel elektrik kat atas tu bergoyang dah macam budak-budak main lompat getah je. kalau putus, mmg teruk ni.

Lepas beberapa ketika, keadaan reda sekejap. belum sempat buat apa-apa, dah mula balik. Aku ajak jiran-jiran pegi ke koen (taman). kami bawak beg emergency, dan terus ke taman yang terdekat. Di sana dah ramai orang Jepun yang keluar. Masing-masing duduk tertunggu-tunggu. Ada juga pengumuman dari speaker di taman sebelah, tapi haram tak faham. Sebab tak berapa jelas. Talian telefon jammed!... tak boleh pakai. Sidenote: tapi mujur juga handphone casio AU ni ada early warning system. bila ada je gempa, sebelum kita terasa, phone tu dah menjerit. alarm dia pun berbeza dari ringtone yang biasa dalam phone. anak-anak memang alert la dengan alarm ni, bunyi je terus masuk bawah meja.

Cuaca masih sejuk, ini yang risau. sebab kalau kena keluar rumah waktu malam mmg susah la. Nak balik rumah pun dah tak berani. Masing-masing dok berbincang macam mana nak buat. Ingat nak pegi rumah member di Urasa sebab area situ tak kena sangat. Kami risaukan tsunami.

Petang tu, tak silap dah dapat tahu ada ancaman tsunami. tapi area Gyotoku tak serious sangat ancamannya sebab terlindung.

Malam, tak berani nak tidur. berita dari kawan-kawan pun dapat melalui facebook. Pukul 4 pagi lebih kurang, ada gempa yg epicenternya di nagaoka!. fuh, kalau jadi la pegi sana pagi tadi, mmg pegi masuk ke pusat gempa la. so sebenarnya, lebih baik stay je kat rumah. kalau jadi apa-apa masa dalam perjalanan lagi la susah.

Esoknya, orang Jepun semua sibuk. Kami tak sedar yang orang Jepun semua tengah stok makanan kat rumah. habis semua barang-barang makanan diroang beli. Roti-roti yang boleh dimakan oleh kita, habis. yang tinggal bun-bun yang diragui kandungannya, jadi tak boleh beli.

Tak pernah tengok suasana macam ni. Orang-orang tokyo memang sibuk, dan kalut. Tapi dalam kekalutan ni pun, masih teratur. Kereta berbaris panjang untuk isi minyak. ada ketika kena berbaris hampir sejam untuk isi minyak. Tapi tak ada yg merusuh, tak ada yang potong barisan, tak ada bunyi hon pun.

Memang sedih terpaksa tinggalkan Jepun dalam keadaan macam ni. Ramai kawan-kawan Jepun ingat kami nak balik Malaysia sebab gempabumi/tsunami ni... Banyak rancangan terbantut kerana kejadian ni. Konvo universiti seleurh Jepun pun batal. Memandangkan cuaca sejuk, pegi ke Waseda pakai sempoi saja, amik cert kat opis. Sedih jugak tak dapat bergambar konvo yg proper. Ada jugak student yang dah tempah baju konvo awal-awal, pakai jugak. Kami hanya pergi satu keluarga, amik gambar sikit-sikit, singgah akihabara, balik.

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tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535278 2010-12-19T15:14:06Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Compact Calendar 2011
David Seah updated his Compact Calendar for 2011. So here I also update it for Malaysian Calendar.
Compact Calendar is useful for creating draft of long-term schedule. I have included excel and pdf format.
* for 2010, you can find it here
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535280 2010-02-04T03:04:08Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Information Design, History and Methods
Keywords used for Information Design, History and Methods class.
a look into mobile phone design for elderly people.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535282 2010-01-31T15:14:23Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z 129540 tahun untuk teka katalaluan
Hmm...mulai hari ini, aku nak buat posting dalam bahasa melayu je... tp campur2 la... yg penting bagi ada org yg buleh paham dan guna apa yang aku tulis ni. tapi aku tau, korang sumer bukannya tak paham english, cuma aku malu sebab aku punya english tunggang-langgang... 

2,3 hari ni memang heboh pasal banyak site kena ceroboh... Ada satu website sosial yang popular tu, hanya simpan password user dia dalam plaintext je... tak encrypt pun! huh... giler ah. _Tapi dalam pada tu, yang lagi teruk daripada 32juta password yang di compromise baru-baru ni, masih ramai yang guna password yang lemah. Tengok graf ni.

tp niat sebenarnya bukan nak citer pasal ni... aku nak korang ke PasswordAdvisor untuk test kekuatan password korang. Aku dah test, kena amik masa 129,540 tahun guna super cloud computer ..okla tu...

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535283 2010-01-22T19:08:36Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Drink water 12 different way
Lately I drink less water than usual. In fact I drink koohee more than ever before. May be because now is exam and assignment week! Well, i hope to change this... and about time I found out 12 ways to spice up my water intake.
now, lets see... what i want for with my next glass:
  • Slices of cucumber
  • Orange wedges
  • Shredded ginger
  • Mint leaves
  • Chopped strawberries
  • Two splashes of grapefruit juice
  • Lemon slices
  • A peppermint tea bag
  • Green tea drops (available at most health food stores)
  • A teaspoon of cranberry juice
  • Celery sticks
  • Ice cubes made from orange juice
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535285 2010-01-16T19:20:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Switch on quitely
Has your child ever been awakened with the loud "Ta-Daaam!" sound your laptop played when you opened it at late evening? Have you ever opened notebook on public meeting and the computer loudly notified everybody about your new messages or something? I bet you wanted to smash the computer into smithereens then! Each time this happens to me, I promise myself to disable the sound before logging off, but I always forget about this in few minutes.
Software making a computer quiet when it's turning on

I've created a small Auto Mute utility to make a PC silent when it's turning on or waking up. Solution is as easy as a pie! The sound is automatically muted when the computer is turning off or is going to suspend mode. The next system start is absolutely silent even if you forgot to turn the sound off in previous session. After that you can enable sound effects manually, using a shortcut combination. Moreover, you may use this keyboard shortcut to quickly switch the sound on and off when working.

This is quite late (at my side of the world), I couldn't make up a story for this so I just copy everything from the source. Well, at least I make my own screenshot.

Download it from http://www.karpolan.com/software/auto-mute/.
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535287 2010-01-16T18:17:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Stop A Baby From Crying … Instantly!
Your baby's crying? Here’s an tips on how to stop a baby from crying instantly: make a slurpy sound with a mouthful of water!
It is just unbelieveable, you got to see it for yourself.

This works because of the two possible reasons: 1) sound that you make while sloshing the liquid in your mouth reminds the baby of the noises they hear in the womb, or 2) the sound distracts the baby from crying and while pondering the source of the weird sound, the baby forgets why it’s crying in the first place!
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535254 2010-01-09T17:47:11Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Facebook Group: World Leaders ]]> oboitoke tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535258 2010-01-07T18:50:54Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Exciting new enhancement for Gmail - MailBrowser MailBrowser is a firefox and internet explorer plugin for managing Gmail attachment and contacts. This application that is so cool, and make me want to convert to firefox immediately (I use opera). You've got to watch the video to see the potential of this apps. More info on the developer's websites.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535261 2009-12-22T07:14:37Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z JumpLaunch for your ol' Quick Launch folder.
Change is the most difficult when we are in the comfort zone. The same goes with Windows 7. I can't believe many people still comfortably using XP.
Well... for most of Windows 7 users, they complaint about the missing QuickLaunch folder. Well not really missing, just that it is harder to get to. Fret not... JumpLaunch comes to the rescue.

JumpLaunch is a missing link between taskbar and user. It is a simple program that can display quick launch shortcuts in a jump list. Just "pin" it to the taskbar and it is ready to use.

JumpLaunch in action.
Download from the developers website.
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535263 2009-12-21T02:23:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Cheapest foldable PDA
Do you want to get organize like everybody else, but cannot afford a pda? Eventhough most of you have a smartphone, or even iphone, clicking on those thing during a meeting or lectures will surely get some sharp eye from the speaker. Well... you must use this clever PocketMod!. This is old... way too old... was created in 2005; but I find it very useful since it only need a sheet of paper and foldable into 8 pages of paper organizer and keep it your wallet. Now, I wish my iPhone or HTC HD2 could be fold like that!.

All you have to do just head up to this website and start creating your own.

Now, I know what you're thinking. That's right, there's also an offline version to use at your convenience. Since the original author, Adam Chad, have not updated the project, Sergei Mozhaisky has made a mod of pocketmod (pun intended) and offer more options. Please look at the reworked pocketmod, and download the offline version there.
tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535265 2009-12-20T16:38:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z Compact Calendar 2010

* update: I have updated Compact Calendar for 2011.

While browsing around, I found this cool designer that create a compact calendar for 2010.I adjusted and replaced it with Malaysian Holidays.

Everything below is quoted from the author website :)

. . . . . . . . . . . .
About Compact Calendar

The Compact Calendar is a printable calendar based on an Excel spreadsheet, designed to be easy to use in impromptu planning by yourself or with a group of people.
Here's an example of the calendar in use...
click the photo to zoom in!

In general, I use printouts as a thinking calendar, doodling in estimated times and circling dates, dependencies, and deliverables. You can see how I use lines to connect with the notes on the right side of the paper.

At client meetings I can use the calendar to note other dependencies, deliverables, and ask about company meetings and other potential conflicts like vacations. It's a lot easier to pass the sheet around than a laptop; people can contemplate paper more easily.

After I get things worked out, I will sometimes make a "clean" version of the schedule using a new sheet and give it to the client to photocopy.

When I'm managing other people in person, sometimes I'll use the Compact Calendar to quickly note their deliverables and the dates on this sheet. I'll also sometimes point out dependencies, and then they have this sheet they can just stick up on the wall and follow. I find that people just need to know when something is due so they can tackle the work; if they have to read a detailed spec or the proposal to find this critical information just slows things down. Specifics of course matter, but that's a post for another day.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Download your own copy and be productive!
I have prepared 2 versions: Excel 2007 and Excel 2003.

tag:oboitoke.posthaven.com,2013:Post/535268 2009-12-16T22:06:00Z 2013-10-08T17:15:55Z extreme grunge garment icons for social network