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This is the presentation for the Summer Camp join seminar at Karuizawa, Nagano-ken. Seminar held on 29 - 31 September.

Since it is a fasting month, I think it will be difficult for me to prepare for fasting, so I choose to drive. Maybe I can go out to find some food. It takes around 4 1/2 hours to reach Karuizawa from Ichikawa-shi. There are several traffic jams that really slow me down. After exited from the highway, I have to climb a winding road until the main road of the Karuizawa Town appears. During those climb, I realized that there's no phone signal! Luckily nothing bad happens. 

If I remember it right, it cost me 3,750 for toll and about 1,600 for gas, totaling 5,350yen. While a check with Jorudan Train Route Finder, from Gyotoku to Shinano-Oiwake will cost me 6,410yen. It is faster (124 minutes), but i will miss the initidal-d-like climbing curve and very nice scenery.

I reached at seminar house at 1.31pm, about half an hour before the seminar start. I didn't recognize any face at all, and i didn't have sensei's phone number either! My poor japanese language could not help much. Luckily I stopped at the right place and sensei arrived later with taxi. After first round presentation, we have our dinner... We finish late, so dinner was the same time for breaking fast. I didn't arrange the food earlier (since I really don't have any information about this seminar, except date and place), luckily the cooks fried me some fish after I explain about my condition. Have shower, (others went to ofuro), pray, and continue seminar, being first presenter. Now waiting this session to finish. 11.20 pm already.

How's Karuizawa?.... Well, the natural air-conditioner feels stronger than my car's aircond. While it is very hot along the way, Karuizawa feels very nice. Kimochi! During briefing, the seminar house keeper mention that bear will appear at night. He elaborated a lot (on what to do if you faced one)... but I didn't understand. I laugh when everybody laugh. There's a lot of golf courses here.. and hotels too. I really want to take my family here. Seems like summer will be nice as other seasons will be too cold.

Really tired now... still no single picture captured...