129540 tahun untuk teka katalaluan

Hmm...mulai hari ini, aku nak buat posting dalam bahasa melayu je... tp campur2 la... yg penting bagi ada org yg buleh paham dan guna apa yang aku tulis ni. tapi aku tau, korang sumer bukannya tak paham english, cuma aku malu sebab aku punya english tunggang-langgang... 

2,3 hari ni memang heboh pasal banyak site kena ceroboh... Ada satu website sosial yang popular tu, hanya simpan password user dia dalam plaintext je... tak encrypt pun! huh... giler ah. _Tapi dalam pada tu, yang lagi teruk daripada 32juta password yang di compromise baru-baru ni, masih ramai yang guna password yang lemah. Tengok graf ni.

tp niat sebenarnya bukan nak citer pasal ni... aku nak korang ke PasswordAdvisor untuk test kekuatan password korang. Aku dah test, kena amik masa 129,540 tahun guna super cloud computer ..okla tu...


Drink water 12 different way

Lately I drink less water than usual. In fact I drink koohee more than ever before. May be because now is exam and assignment week! Well, i hope to change this... and about time I found out 12 ways to spice up my water intake.
now, lets see... what i want for with my next glass:
  • Slices of cucumber
  • Orange wedges
  • Shredded ginger
  • Mint leaves
  • Chopped strawberries
  • Two splashes of grapefruit juice
  • Lemon slices
  • A peppermint tea bag
  • Green tea drops (available at most health food stores)
  • A teaspoon of cranberry juice
  • Celery sticks
  • Ice cubes made from orange juice

Switch on quitely

Has your child ever been awakened with the loud "Ta-Daaam!" sound your laptop played when you opened it at late evening? Have you ever opened notebook on public meeting and the computer loudly notified everybody about your new messages or something? I bet you wanted to smash the computer into smithereens then! Each time this happens to me, I promise myself to disable the sound before logging off, but I always forget about this in few minutes.
Software making a computer quiet when it's turning on

I've created a small Auto Mute utility to make a PC silent when it's turning on or waking up. Solution is as easy as a pie! The sound is automatically muted when the computer is turning off or is going to suspend mode. The next system start is absolutely silent even if you forgot to turn the sound off in previous session. After that you can enable sound effects manually, using a shortcut combination. Moreover, you may use this keyboard shortcut to quickly switch the sound on and off when working.

This is quite late (at my side of the world), I couldn't make up a story for this so I just copy everything from the source. Well, at least I make my own screenshot.

Stop A Baby From Crying … Instantly!

Your baby's crying? Here’s an tips on how to stop a baby from crying instantly: make a slurpy sound with a mouthful of water!
It is just unbelieveable, you got to see it for yourself.

This works because of the two possible reasons: 1) sound that you make while sloshing the liquid in your mouth reminds the baby of the noises they hear in the womb, or 2) the sound distracts the baby from crying and while pondering the source of the weird sound, the baby forgets why it’s crying in the first place!

JumpLaunch for your ol' Quick Launch folder.

Change is the most difficult when we are in the comfort zone. The same goes with Windows 7. I can't believe many people still comfortably using XP.
Well... for most of Windows 7 users, they complaint about the missing QuickLaunch folder. Well not really missing, just that it is harder to get to. Fret not... JumpLaunch comes to the rescue.

JumpLaunch is a missing link between taskbar and user. It is a simple program that can display quick launch shortcuts in a jump list. Just "pin" it to the taskbar and it is ready to use.

JumpLaunch in action.
Download from the developers website.

Cheapest foldable PDA

Do you want to get organize like everybody else, but cannot afford a pda? Eventhough most of you have a smartphone, or even iphone, clicking on those thing during a meeting or lectures will surely get some sharp eye from the speaker. Well... you must use this clever PocketMod!. This is old... way too old... was created in 2005; but I find it very useful since it only need a sheet of paper and foldable into 8 pages of paper organizer and keep it your wallet. Now, I wish my iPhone or HTC HD2 could be fold like that!.

All you have to do just head up to this website and start creating your own.

Now, I know what you're thinking. That's right, there's also an offline version to use at your convenience. Since the original author, Adam Chad, have not updated the project, Sergei Mozhaisky has made a mod of pocketmod (pun intended) and offer more options. Please look at the reworked pocketmod, and download the offline version there.

Compact Calendar 2010

* update: I have updated Compact Calendar for 2011.

While browsing around, I found this cool designer that create a compact calendar for 2010.I adjusted and replaced it with Malaysian Holidays.

Everything below is quoted from the author website :)

. . . . . . . . . . . .
About Compact Calendar

The Compact Calendar is a printable calendar based on an Excel spreadsheet, designed to be easy to use in impromptu planning by yourself or with a group of people.
Here's an example of the calendar in use...
click the photo to zoom in!

In general, I use printouts as a thinking calendar, doodling in estimated times and circling dates, dependencies, and deliverables. You can see how I use lines to connect with the notes on the right side of the paper.

At client meetings I can use the calendar to note other dependencies, deliverables, and ask about company meetings and other potential conflicts like vacations. It's a lot easier to pass the sheet around than a laptop; people can contemplate paper more easily.

After I get things worked out, I will sometimes make a "clean" version of the schedule using a new sheet and give it to the client to photocopy.

When I'm managing other people in person, sometimes I'll use the Compact Calendar to quickly note their deliverables and the dates on this sheet. I'll also sometimes point out dependencies, and then they have this sheet they can just stick up on the wall and follow. I find that people just need to know when something is due so they can tackle the work; if they have to read a detailed spec or the proposal to find this critical information just slows things down. Specifics of course matter, but that's a post for another day.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Download your own copy and be productive!
I have prepared 2 versions: Excel 2007 and Excel 2003.